WordPress 2.8: Features and Tips

With the long waited WordPress 2.8 aka Baker being out, there is a ton of features including 2.8 being a way faster to use, widgets are remixed, some DB tables columns are dropped and JS script loader is improved. Experts and gurus have contributed with new tips to make the business even better.

There is an announcement post on the official Development Blog with an eye-catching introduction video.

Features, Tips and Tricks

  1. A full list of more than 180 new features, improvements, changes and upgrades.WP Codex
  2. Build A WordPress 2.8 Widget With The New Widget APIWPEngineer
  3. The Improved WordPress Widget APIWP Codex
  4. The complete guide to creating widgets in WordPress 2.8Justin Tadlock
  5. Tutorial: WordPress 2.8 Widget APIJesse Altman
  6. Custom taxonomies in WordPress 2.8Justin Tadlock
  7. Tag description in WordPress 2.8Justin Tadlock
  8. Loading Javascript in Footer in WordPress 2.8Lester Chan
  9. WordPress 2.8 and the body_class() FunctionNathan Rice
  10. Authentication in WordPress 2.8Will Norris
  11. Handling Plugins Options in WordPress 2.8 with register_setting()Planet Ozh
  12. WordPress 2.8 – XML-RPC and AtomPub ChangesJoseph Scott
  13. List of Plugins Compatible with WordPress 2.8WP Codex
  14. WordPress ProxysupportWPEngineer
  15. Escaping API updates for WordPress 2.8Mark Jaquith
  16. Displaying Author Meta Information in WordPress 2.8Zach Dunn
  17. the_author_meta() in WordPress CodexWP Codex

I know there are tons of talks around the new version but these are the only findings I discovered during the development releases of WordPress 2.8.

If you have suggestions and/or some other posts I missed in this collection, please feel free to contribute them in the comments.

I hope you enjoyed with this post.


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